10 Self Care Practices for your Overall Wellness

I came into my own in my forties. Before then I always considered myself somewhat of a hot mess, but in reality, I was expanding and growing, I just wasn’t as confident in myself back then.

Hitting peri-menopause early, was a real eye opener to my health and wellness. Honestly, when I finally got to the root of what was happening with me, peri-menopause actually helped me to slow down, get to know myself better and for the first time ever put my health and wellness first.

Tuning into oneself is absolutely vital for our overall wellness (both physical and emotional). Our bodies will tell us all sorts of things, if we slow down enough to listen.

Change isn’t always easy, but I truly believe it’s worth it, when it comes to your overall wellness.

For me personally, it was a slow process. There was so much to learn, and so much I wanted to “fix” and take care of, but I learned over the years, that it was better to start slow so I didn't get overwhelmed with the changes I was implementing into my life.

Below is a list of the ten self-care practices I incorporate into my life:

1. Daily exercise

2. Healthy eating

3. Meditation

4. Journaling

5. Reading Personal Development Books

6. Having fun

7. Taking supplements

8. V-Steaming

9. Getting enough sleep

10. Establishing Healthy Boundaries

Exercise is not only is great physically, but it is super important for our mental health as well. I can wrestle with myself about exercising, but whenever I’m done, I feel amazing. Even a short walk around the block, has huge benefits. How are you incorporating exercise into your life?

Healthy eating, was a bit of a challenge at first. I have a terrible sweet tooth, so if any sort of “sweet” was around, you could be sure I was having a bite (or two). But, as I tuned in more and more to my body, I realized eating sweets made me feel like garbage. I’d get a headache from the sugar, lose energy and overall just feel crappy. Don’t get me wrong, I live by the 80/20 rule, so it’s not that I never eat sweets, but they are in moderation now. Do you need to slow down and start incorporating some healthy eating options?

Meditation has been a game changer for me. Mediation has helped me to slow down, go deeper into myself, and it’s where a lot of my ideas and creativity comes from. Mediation has amazing health benefits and there are great apps to help beginners get started (such as Calm, Buddify, and Insight Timer).

Journaling is my lifeline. I communicate best with words on paper. Journaling is how I get all my feelings and emotions from inside of me out. Sometimes it’s pages and pages of words, and others it could be just a word or two.

Personal Development Books are how I stay motivated, expand my vision and learn new techniques, as well as keep my mindset positive. If you don’t love to read, you can download audible and listen to books instead.

Having fun. As we get older, we can put fun on the back burner. Responsibilities tend to keep us from slowing down enough to realize how important it is to have fun. Fun for me is kayaking, going out to dinner with friends, belly laughs, etc. Don’t forget to let fun in. It’s a game changer.

Supplements. As I began my deep dive into a healthier lifestyle, I realized I was depleted in some areas. Blood work helped me recognize that I was deficient in vitamin D and B, as well as how important it is to take other supplements to enhance my health, like fish oil and magnesium.

Vaginal Steaming. Yes, you seriously just read that. I began to incorporate vaginal steaming into my life, and it has literally changed my PMS, menstrual cycle, and peri-menopause symptoms for the better. I’ve struggled with painful periods my entire life, so much so that the first two days are horrific for me, but V-Steaming has reduced my painful periods, diminished my PMS symptoms and also my peri-menopause symptoms. You can check out my personal V-steaming website over at SteamyDiva.com

Sleep. I know this is one of those elusive topics for some, because sleep doesn’t come easy but getting 8-9 hours of sleep is so important to our well-being. A nighttime routine can enhance sleep, and I’ve incorporated the following: no electronics for at least 30 minutes before bed, diffuse essential oils (I love breathe, lavender, and serenity) read a book, journal or meditate, have a cup of tea or golden milk.

Healthy Boundaries are so important. When we lack them, we call in all sorts of negative energy (and people). What do you need to put boundaries around? I had to put them around unhealthy people, my time, and my health. Think about where you can start with this, because this is a big topic. Start small and then add to when you feel ready.

Remember, start small. Incorporate one thing, until it becomes a part of your routine and then add another. Small changes over time will benefit your overall health and wellness immensely.

Be Well,