Female Rising- An Untamed Woman

There’s a feminine rising happening. Divine women all over the world are rising up and reclaiming their power. They’re no longer playing small. They’re realizing their power and gifts are needed in this world. And we, as the collective, are going to heal our beautiful land.

For those women not awake yet, healing needs to be done, so they too can use their gifts and power to heal our beautiful world.

A revival of sorts.

Women who are no longer constrained.

They are UNTAMED.

What is an untamed woman?

A woman who reclaims her power.

A woman who is healed or is on her healing journey.

A woman who steps into her divine feminine essence and isn’t afraid of it.

A woman who holds space for other women.

A woman who creates her reality.

A woman who lover herself completely.

A woman who is authentic and true.

A woman who stands firm in her truth.

A woman who exudes strength and comfort.

A woman who isn’t afraid to shine her light.

What would it take for you to become Untamed?

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