How to Manage Peri-Menopausal Symptoms

Before I get started on the ways I've been able to manage my peri-menopause symptoms, I must tell you I am not a doctor and I am in no way diagnosing you or telling you that these will work for you. 

What I am is a woman who figured out what works for me in this area, and I am simply sharing those resources with you. If you choose to do so, you are doing so at your own will. 

Okay, so I had to make that clear because it's important. 

First, let me start off by saying I've always had a bad menstrual cycle. Like horrible. The first two days are filled with horrendous cramps, large clots (I know, TMI), joint pain & fatigue. In my teens I would stay in bed those first two days with a heating pad and Tylenol. As I got older, I had to take Advil  religiously, just to make it through my first two days.

My PMS starts about two weeks before my cycle and let's just say, it isn't pretty. I am MOODY, sensitive, have an aversion to loud noises and my patience is really short. 

Because I'm peri-menopause, I still get my period. EVERY. SINGLE. MONTH. Like clock work. 

So I now have the joy of PMS symptoms and peri-menopause symptoms. Lucky me. 

What I found is that, doctors would just say, "it's normal," and to rest and take my Advil, then go about my life

Um, no. 

I wanted a solution or at least a reduction in the symptoms I was feeling. 

Why do I have to struggle, every month and then on top of that throw in peri-menopause, and voila, the struggle turned to pretty much every day. 

I'm not going to live a life where I have a few good days a month. That's bullshit. 

So, as I always do, I dug in, tried numerous things, and found what worked for me. 

Mind you, I was put on bio-identical hormones for my peri-menopause symptoms, which have helped in some areas, however they have not helped in all areas. 

As I dive deeper into natural remedies and what's working for me, my goal is to get off of them completely. 

Let's dive in: 

  1. Clean eating: I can tell the difference in my symptoms when I clean eat. I sleep better, have more energy, and am less moody. 

  2. Exercise: Same as above, and my mindset is so much more positive and clear. 

  3. Meditation: I incorporated this about 2 years ago and have found this has been a real game changer in every area of my life. Not only does it improve concentration and memory, it also reduces stress. 

  4. Drink enough water: I was really bad at this, but now I drink 1/2 of my body weight in ounces a day. Super important to stay hydrated!! 

  5. Herbal teas: There are so many wonderful herbal teas that target menopause and pms symptoms. They are a wonderful addition to your day, helping you to slow down and also reaping all of the benefits. 

  6. Herbal supplements: I take high quality supplements for their absorption rate. Our body is depleted or vitamins and minerals and this is a wonderful way to stop that depletion. 

  7. Aromatherapy: One of my  faves and so easy to do. I have a diffuser and utilize aroma's specifically for my symptoms. I diffuse through my house all day, as well as have a diffuser by my bed at night. 

  8. Sleep: I clock 8-10 hours of sleep. I used to wake up in the middle of the night and still do occasionally, but because I've implemented these wonderful tools, my sleep is so much better. I incorporate a "sleepy" tea, which helps me stay asleep and get a good nights rest. 

  9. CBD Oil: This has been known to help women with not only menopause and peri-symptoms but also, a myriad of others. The only thing is you want to get a good quality CBD oil, one without fillers. So do your research if you are going to try this route. 

  10. Vaginal Steaming: Yes, you read that correctly. With the correct herbs, steaming can reduce or even alleviate your symptoms. Through this amazing tool, I no longer need to take Advil during my period, my clots are gone, my joint pain has been reduced, and my hot flashes have been reduced! (Please note, it is not simply throwing herbs in a pot and steaming yourself. There's so much more to it, so it's important to work with someone that knows what there doing in this arena. I will write a separate email specifically on this topic.) 

Another great tip is to have a tribe of supportive women around you. We need our fellow sisters more than ever during this time. 

I hope you enjoyed learning about these beautiful tools and if you begin to implement them, I'd love to hear if you. 

All my best,


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