The Importance of Shadow Work

Shadow work is an important part of freedom and stepping into your authentic self.

If you’re not willing to look at your shadows, you’ll continue to wear masks, hiding pieces of yourself for fear of being exposed, fear of being seen, fear of being rejected, fear of being judged, fear of being criticized, etc.

But what if you shed light on your shadows and the reverse happened?

What if your masks came off, and you were loved, held, truly seen, accepted, and free.

Shadow work is the process of recognizing those places that need healing, releasing them, and renewing who we are without the weight of them.

How do you know you need to do shadow work?

*You hide pieces of yourself

*You feel shame or guilt around areas of your life.

*You operate from your masculine energy

*You’re exhausted from keeping up the facade

*You struggle with depression & anxiety

*You live in denial

*You suppress emotions.

*You don’t speak up

*You blame others

*You don’t take accountability for yourself

Our shadows, when brought to light, have a way of transforming us for the better.

There are tremendous gifts in our shadows, if you’re willing to look at them.

What’s your biggest fear around shadow work?

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