Tips on How to Reduce Your Stress and Anxiety During Pandemic

While our world feels out of control at this moment, and for how long we do not know, I wanted to give you some tips on how to reduce your stress and anxiety during this time.

  1. Be informed but limit your time on news channels, social media channels etc. The more attention you give to these, the higher our anxiety and stress levels become. As I said, stay informed, but be conscious of how much time your allowing yourself to be immersed in all of the news and stories. 2. Heed the direction of social distancing. I know for some it might seem silly, but if we are going to contain this thing, this is the way to do it. 3. This is a good time to incorporate self care into your routine. Meditation, EFT (Tapping), Journaling, Exercising are all excellent ways to pass the time at home. 4. Spend time with your family. Since we’re all together, this is a great time to have much needed family time. Play games/cards, watch movies, eat dinner/cook together, complete a puzzle, color, etc. 5. Read a book(s). 6. Write letters to family and friends instead of just sending a text. 7. Spring Clean your house (Declutter anyone?) 8. Bake

9. Take a bubble bath 10. Clean out your camera roll 11. Start a gratitude journal 12. Face time your loved ones 13. Have a spa day at home (mani, pedi, face-mask) 14. Listen to music 15. Finish the project you started but haven’t completed 16. Organize your tupperware (Yes, you really did just read that) 17. Go for a walk or run 18. Start a blog 19. Take an Online Class (Udemy and MindValley are great for this) 20. Finally start your passion project (you know, that dream you’ve always dreamed of, start that)

Stay safe 🌼

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