V-Steaming for your Menstrual and Uterine Health

When I first heard about V-steaming (aka Yoni Steaming or Vaginal Steaming), I thought it was kinda weird and Voodoo. I just couldn't wrap my brain around how steaming ones vagina could really have an impact on menstrual and uterine health.

But if you know me well, I will try anything that's natural, it it could possibly offer me some relief.

Well, that little bit of steam (with the correct herbal formula and steam plan) has changed my life.

As I was looking at my period tracker today (because I have the joy of my period and peri-menopause), I realized I was three days away from my period and I have had NO PMS SYMPTOMS.


My mind is blown.

Normally, my PMS symptoms start about 10-14 days before my period.

I become more irritable, sensitive to sound, have extreme joint pain in my knees, am super moody, experience constipation (I know TMI but we're all women here) start spotting about 3-4 days before my period actually starts, have no interest in sex what's so ever, have more hot flashes and night sweats, extreme bloating, and I'm pretty much just miserable.

Today I realized, I haven't had any of those symptoms! Not one.

I actually feel like I'm a little bit in the twilight zone. This is so NOT the norm for me.

What I have found is that what I thought was "normal" for me, wasn't healthy. AT ALL.

Did you know a healthy period should be four days long, with fresh red blood the entire time and NO PAIN? Oh and they should start every 28-30 days?

I didn't either until I started steaming. I just thought a "normal" period was healthy.

It's not.

It's so far from the truth and the more I learn, the more I realize I have been suffering for years, when I didn't have to be.

Well, I am suffering no longer and that makes me so excited!

That's why I created Steamy Diva and became a Certified Vaginal Steam Facilitator.

There's absolutely no reason why us women have to suffer with our menstrual and uterine health. Period.

Here are just some of the amazing results you can experience from V-Steaming:

* Regulate menstrual cycles

* Reduce or eliminate menstrual cramps

* Heightened Libido

* Heightened Fertility

* Emotional Balance

* Deeper Sleep

* Tightened & Lifted Vaginal Canal

* Reduce Bloating

* Increased Circulation

* Decrease Vaginal Dryness

* Decrease Painful Sex

* Odor elimination

* Eliminate PCOS

* Reduces Heavy Menstrual Flow

* Decrease Hot Flashes and Night Sweats

* Relaxation

* Easier Postpartum Recovery

* Clear up infections

* Treat or prevent ingrown hairs

* Expel Fibroids

You can learn more over on my website: Steamy Diva

I'm excited to share all the amazing benefits you can experience through V-steaming.

Happy Steaming!

Love & Light,


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