My reputation is everything to me. I’ve spent years building it. It’s all I have, all I know.And now, after one night of bad judgement, I’m on the brink of losing everything.  The reputation I have so carefully built has been threatened and I will do anything to keep it in tact. I can’t risk the exposure, it would ruin my life, but how long can I continue to meet my blackmailers demands?



Central park in the middle of the night is no place for anyone, especially one of the world’s top supermodels. She says she was going for run, but those black eyes, bruised ribs and hospital stay, say different. I’ve been in this line of work far too long to know when a woman’s lying, and this woman is definitely hiding something. I plan to find out exactly what that is.

She can hate me all she wants, I’ve been hired to do a job and I intend to see it through. Smart mouthed, stubborn and sassy as hell, she’s becoming more of a distraction than I need. Nothing good can come of this, right?


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