Sin's Possession

The story of Sebastian and Gianna comes to a magnificent conclusion in the final book of the Seduction Series.

Sebastian Sinclair has everything, except his memory. Haunted by visions of Gianna, Sebastian struggles to move forward. Every night when he closes his eyes, she’s there, consuming his dreams, but, when he wakes each morning, the memories are lost somewhere in the recesses of his mind. The only evidence he has that he and Gianna were real, is there text string.

Gianna flees from the memories of Sebastian by taking a job back in L.A. The constant reminder of him, is too much, and remaining in Tampa is no longer an option. With Sebastian having no recollection of her or their love, Gia must somehow find a way to move on.

As unforeseen circumstances continue to keep them apart, there’s only one thing that can bring them back together…but will it be too late?

Sin's Possession

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