Sin's Seduction

​Darkness has no place for the light and Sebastian’s world is pitch black, no place for the likes of Gianna DiMarco. She’s everything he’s not and knows better than to bring her into his treacherous world. But desire burns hot and he finds her difficult resist. He wants her, and intends to have her, no matter the cost.


Powerful, dark, and devastatingly sexy, Gia knows she shouldn’t get to close, but like a moth to a flame, she can’t resist the overwhelming desire that pulls her to Sebastian Sinclair. She knows if she gets too close, she’ll eventually get burned, but that doesn’t stop her from descending into his dark and dangerous world.


As their all-consuming passion intensifies, his enemies take note, which ignites a perilous path further into darkness. Now he must protect her at all costs: from his enemies, his darkness and even himself. Sebastian realizes the only way to keep her safe, is to let her go. But can he?

Sin's Seduction

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