From the outside looking in, Kate Jones life looks picture perfect. Married to her college sweet heart, 18-year-old twins, a beautiful home, her life is a fairy tale, or so it seems. Underneath the façade, she’s far from living happily ever after. A cheating husband, an unfulfilled career, and a loss of self, Kate flees her hometown to clear her head and heart. 

Things become more unclear when she finds herself attracted to the sexy, down to earth, charming bartender Ryan Pierce. His enchanting blue eyes, lazy smile and easy way have Kate wondering what it would feel like to be wanted by someone like him. She doesn’t have to wonder long. Finding it difficult to resist his southern charm, she’s finds herself standing at a crossroads, fight to save her marriage or give up everything she knows for the sexy, blue eyed bartender who gives her the one thing she’s been longing for. 


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